Zac Efron’s New Movie Opens Today And He Looks Hot Nearly Nude

Zac Efron bulge

Today the always smoldering hot Zac Efron has a new movie called The Awkward Moment opens today. It looks like it is could be fun and have some good laughs in it. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to check out some of his hottest moments on screen including some of hot shots of him in his underwear.

In The Paperboy Zac spends a decent amount of the movie wearing just his underwear. His rigid abs look so good you will want to run your hands, tongue or whatever else you can think of down them. He does some sit ups, dances with Nicole Kidman and looks so hot he will have your naughty bits tingling. It is cool to see that he is doing so well after his stint in rehab and getting himself back together.

Enjoy these pics of Zac Efron nearly nude and showing off his killer body in The Paperboy and The Lucky One after the jump. You might want to get a towel because he is looking all kinds of fine here.

Zac Efron abs

Zac Efron dancing in underwear

Zac Efron nearly nude

Zac Efron sexy

Zac Efron The Lucky One

Zac Efron underwear

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